Shutting Down TN

Official Music Video


The latest single release from MondayNightSocial, Shutting Down TN, is available now! Stream on all digital music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon, etc.). We are honored to make this available for free as a way of saying thank you for your support in our Road to Nightfall 2017 win!

Director: Dagan Beckett, MondayNightSocial
DP: Dagan Beckett
Production Co.: Beckett Media Productions

Special thanks to family and friends who supported us through 2017 Road to Nightfall and came out to be a part of this video! We could not have done it without every one of you!

Additional Thanks:
Shutting Down TN was recorded at The Soundry by Brett Nolan who mixed and mastered the track you hear here! Dagan West Beckett with Dagan Beckett Films filmed and edited everything you are seeing in this video! This opportunity would not have been possible without Barrett Taylor and Gig City Productions support of local music through the Road to Nightfall competition series. WUTC and the incomparable Richard Winham are stalwarts in the local music scene and were beyond gracious in their support.


St. Paddy's on the Parkway

Chattanooga, TN
The Honest Pint
March 17, 2018

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This EP was so much fun to make, and we are very excited to share it with you all. Follow us on social media if you would like to find out more about MondayNightSocial, when and where we will be playing next, and to hear about new music coming soon. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! We hope you enjoy this EP.


Upcoming Shows

Chattanooga, TN
Paddy’s on the Parkway
March 17,2018

About Us

Founding members Christian Mann, Brock McGarity, and Janet McGarity met in early 2013 when all three began attending and volunteering at the same church in Chattanooga. Though their backgrounds were littered with disparate musical influences and experiences, something just clicked leading to a strong friendship and mutual admiration. Out of this new friendship emerged an entirely self-produced Christmas album in time for the 2014 holiday season, which included one original track entitled Bah-Humbug. Through the process of writing and recording this one song the first spark of what would become MondayNightSocial emerged; an earnest melody, raw lyrical emotion, and intricate 3-part harmonies voiced a soaring sound none of them quite expected. Work soon began toward producing an EP of all original music, bringing in songs each had written over the last few years and beginning the process of finding a single, unified direction in which to take the band. 


In support of the self-produced EP, they began playing shows in a multitude of venues, for private parties, and even entered a local competition in December 2015. While they did not win, their participation revealed that if the band was to take the next step they would need to add another piece; enter Josh English. 


Born into a musical family, Josh was introduced to a wide range of instruments and genres before finally settling on bass. Originally from Ohio, Josh moved to Tennessee in the summer of 2015 where he began playing alongside the other three members at church. It was apparent the band had found that important missing piece, someone to hold down the rhythmic acoustics permeating MondayNightSocial’s indie folk groove. 


In 2016 the band played as many shows as possible, while also working to finish their first EP of all original music. After the release of their EP in August 2016, the band felt the need to push themselves toward a bigger sound which materialized with the addition of drummer JG Oliver. 


In January 2017, JG joined the band as a full-time drummer having just moved to Chattanooga from the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. A mutual friend arranged a meeting after a show in late 2016 and the musical chemistry was immediate. Together with Josh, JG gave MNS a driving beat to compliment the musical composition, vocal harmonies, and signature genre-bending sound. 


The band next looked to break into the Chattanooga music scene which began when they entered the Road to Nightfall competition in March 2017. What started as nothing more than an attempt to network with other local musicians and venues resulted in a first round win! One week later MNS competed against the four other winning acts and, once again, came out on top! It would be a lie to say anyone expected to be in the final round, much less win the Road to Nightfall competition! In May, MNS played only their fourth show with all five members (and third show ever in Chattanooga) when they headlined one night in the 30th year of the iconic Nightfall Concert series on Miller Stage in downtown Chattanooga for a crowd of well over 3,000 people! This was just the start of a very busy 2017 which included shows at the Revelry Room, The Country in Nashville, festivals in Chattanooga and Baton Rouge, and the release of a new EP entitled Mixtapes Never Lie produced by Brandon Weaver of Ironwing Studios.  


The future is bright for MNS as they continue to craft more original songs and look to push their unique brand of intricate, harmony-laden music further and further beyond genres and definition. As Joshua Pickard of the Nooga put it in his review of their latest EP, “for MondayNightSocial, music is about community and a desire to share intimate experiences through an expansive aural conductor. Boasting miraculous three-part harmonies and a bucolic indie-folk perspective, their work beats at the chambers of your heart but doesn’t wallow in simple sentimentality. They lovingly craft gentle but driven folk melodies that seep into the deepest parts of your bones. Built around the communal influences of singer-guitarist Christian Mann, singer-guitarist Brock McGarity, singer-percussionist Janet McGarity, bassist Josh English and drummer J.G. Oliver, the band doesn’t rely on current trends to push the gossamer shake and shine of their music; they simply allow it to expand and bloom in the light of an afternoon sun.”