EP Release Show

The Camphouse
Friday, August 25th
with Caney Creek Co. and Frank Hurd Band


We are extremely excited to share that we have recorded our second EP, and it will be available at our release show August 25th, which will be held at The Camp House!

This EP means so much to us, we have found a sound that really brings the best out of all of us, and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support and we hope you enjoy this album half as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

P.S. -It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. soon!

Upcoming Shows

The Camphouse (EP Release Show)
August 25th @8:00p.m.
with Caney Creek Co. and Frank Hurd 

Wine Over Water
October 7th @6:00p.m.
at Walnut St. Bridge 

Cambridge Square Market
September 8th @6:30p.m.


Louisiana Book Festival
October 28th @12:00p.m.


JJ’s Bohemia
September 15th @10:00p.m.
Opening for Hive Theory and Sunsap 

CASA Benefit
November 4th @3:00p.m.
Greenway Stage: Cleveland, TN 

About Us

Years before the vocals which define MondayNightSocial became a possibility, Christian Brock and Janet were cutting teeth on their own musical exploits. Christian grew up in the heyday of 80s hairbands and dreamed of becoming the next Bon Jovi…then he lost his hair and was introduced to the music of John Mayer. After releasing one solo album emulating Mayer’s blues style, Christian realized it was not a sound he could carry with any true weight on his own. He became heavily involved in different churches leading worship while focusing on being a husband and father, but still longed to sing original songs outside of a religious setting.  

Janet started her musical career as a guitarist while earning a music degree in Savannah, GA. Soon after, she fell in love with percussion and later decided to make that her main focus in school. Janet went on to win various scholarships and awards for theory excellence and music performance. During her freshman year of college, she met Brock, who was also pursuing a music degree with an emphasis on composition. Both excelled in the academic arena, but they also discovered a shared musical interest outside of the university setting. Brock and Janet soon began leading songs and playing primarily at church, and it was there that they developed an affinity for singing and harmonizing together. A little over a year later they were married and, after graduating, made the move to Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

It was at a church in Chattanooga that the three met and developed a mutual musical respect for one another, shortly thereafter deciding to self-produce a Christmas album. To round out the holiday endeavor, Christian Brock and Janet crafted one original track to include among the other Christmas classics. It was this single track, emulating a style different than anything the three had ever written, that first sparked what would become MondayNightSocial; a tune of simple chord structure, raw lyrical emotion, and 3-part harmonies which carried the chorus to an unexpected level of tender heartbreak. Christian Brock and Janet each have distinct vocals that, when heard separately, do not sound as if they would ever complement the other; yet when the first tracks were laid and harmonies applied they knew something special had just happened. They began to work toward producing an EP of all original music, bringing in songs that each had written over the last few years and thus began the process of deciding in which direction to take the band. After several changes to the band name and many song writing sessions, an identity and direction began to emerge.  

The only missing piece to MondayNightSocial was bass. In late 2015, Josh English joined the church the three attended and was soon on stage bass in hand.